Payment inquiries

How do I pay for my packaging?

We provide a price in the quote including shipping (please note that due to the manufacturing standards of our packaging products, the final quantity of boxes delivered may be 5% higher or lower than the requested quantity and the final invoice amount is based on delivered quantity. The supplier will confirm the final quantity and invoice amount once they are produced).

After accepting the quote we will send you an invoice:

Invoice. You will receive an invoice by email or according to your instructed invoicing instructions, after the order has been produced and the final produced quantity and price have been confirmed. Production of your order will start immediately after the order confirmation, in accordance to the agreed delivery time.

The payment term for all payments is 30 days.

I have a question related to the invoice payment such as an issue/claim/clarification?

Please contact us at: info@jubilo.io or Phone: +358 20 730 6100

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