Order inquiries


How many bags can I order?

You can request quotes and order bags in any volume, from tens of units to a million and beyond. You can order your bags in one go, or place several orders over time. Our network of suppliers have the capacity to produce most volumes.

What kind of design file should I upload if I already have a packaging?

We will need to have a structural design drawing of your bag including layout and measurements. If you do not have a professionally made drawing of your bag we suggest that you follow the regular flow of the wizard and then upload any photos or related information about the bag that you have. You can always upload more files and chat with us at a later stage.

I don’t know what measurements my packaging should have?

If you are not certain about the measurements you can give an indicative measurement and then provide additional comments at the end of the wizard. You can always provide more information and contact us to find the best solution.

When will I receive my packaging?

We will provide an estimate for the delivery time in their quote. You can also indicate requirements related to delivery time in the details section of the RFQ creation wizard, as well as in messages to us.

An estimated delivery date will be provided when we confirm your order.

How will I receive my packaging?

Your packaging will be shipped by us to the shipping address you have stated. The packaging will be shipped according to the specifications according to your agreement and/or our delivery terms and conditions.

I have a claim related to the order/quality/quantity of packages received?

You can contact Jubilo support at info@jubilo.io

I have a claim and I’m not happy about the supplier's response?

Please send an email with all necessary information to info@jubilo.io. The case will be handled once we have had the chance to review the information provided.

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